Marine mammals in the news – by INT308 students

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As a final project, this year’s INT308 (Marine Mammal Ecology and Conservation) undergraduate students produced the inaugural Marine Mammals in the News online publication.  From whales to manatees, from the Arctic to Mexico, from conservation to physiology, and much more – check out the stories they wrote, highlighting marine mammal science that has been published within the last year.

Talking to birders about seals

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Local environmental organizations provide a great audience and a fun venue to share our science with the general public. This evening, Kristina gave a talk entitled “Seal Populations on Maine’s Coast: then and now” to the Downeast Chapter of Maine Audubon in Ellsworth, Maine. With an interested and engaged audience of about 40 Audubon members and other community members, Kristina shared a brief history of Maine’s seals, tracking the changes in local seal population size and human perception from Native American subsistence hunting, to state-financed bounty programs, to more recent conservation and recovery.