I enjoy teaching with an interactive and engaging lecture style that combines traditional lectures with discussion, active learning activities, and innovative teaching technologies. I value interdisciplinary learning and incorporate real-world examples and hands-on experience in my classes.

At the University of Maine, I currently teach:

INT308: Ecology & Conservation of Marine Mammals (Fall)

This course introduces students to the ecology and conservation of marine mammals, including cetaceans, pinnipeds, sirenians and sea otters. We consider the evolution, morphology, and physiology of marine mammals within the context of mammalian adaptation to the marine environment, and we discuss the behavior and life history of marine mammals to better understand their role in coastal and oceanic ecosystems. This class also focuses on the health of marine mammal populations, the variety of threats they face, and current conservation and management practices and goals. The course is a mixture of lecture and class discussion and activities, during which students are expected to be active participants in their learning.

As a final project, INT308 students select a peer-reviewed scientific journal article that has been published within the last year and summarize the findings of this article in a news story format intended for the general public.  This final assignment follows a semester-long series of discussions and critiques of paired news stories and scientific journal articles.  Check out the students’ stories in our online Marine Mammals in the News publication.

SMS491: Ocean Health Issues for Humans, Wildlife, and Marine Ecosystems (Spring)

This course explores the major health issues impacting our coasts and oceans. Using a “one health” perspective, we jointly consider the impacts of ocean health on humans, wildlife, and marine ecosystems. Human and ocean health are closely tied; our actions can greatly affect the oceans, and in turn, we are affected by the oceans that we rely upon for food and recreation. In this course, we discuss issues related to harmful algae, marine pollutants, and infectious disease, and we consider the impacts of climate change on these ocean stressors.